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Clemens Busch Mosel Riesling Trocken O 2015 © Taka Takeuchi
3 minute read

Clemens Busch – Mosel Riesling Trocken “O” 2015

To celebrate the launch of Simon’s Kickstarter campaign for his book Amber Revolution, here’s a German “orange” wine made from Riesling. German Riesling still has an image problem in the UK. And Germany is not the first place that comes to Read more

Domäne Wachau - Riesling Amphora 2015
4 minute read

Backstage with Dömane Wachau – Riesling Amphora 2015

We’re in an age where it’s not just small artisan wineries experimenting with minimal intervention, low sulphur and extended skin contact in white wines. The big guys want to play too. And why not? When the results are as fascinating as Domäne Wachau’s amphora fermented Riesling, I’m all for it.

Štekar - Re Piko 2007
4 minute read

Well macerated Riesling: Štekar – Re Piko 2009

Almost 18 months after discovering Štekar’s serious, spicy and brooding Rebula at Rawfair in 2013, The Morning Claret made it out to their beautiful corner of Brda (Western Slovenia), to discover an outstanding skin macerated RIesling.

Wine out of context wines DWCC 2014
11 minute read

Wine out of context – tasting blind at DWCC 2014

Many of us have had this experience – while holidaying in a hot sunny paradise, you taste a fantastic wine (let’s say it’s a rosé) and decide to fill up the suitcase. Uncorking the same wine back at home, it’s utterly disappointing – Read more

Apostelhoeve Cuvée XII
3 minute read

Going Dutch – Apostelhoeve Cuvée XII

There isn’t much that the Dutch don’t grow – a glance at my weekly vegetable box reveals a predominance of homegrown produce. And no, I don’t mean something you can smoke. In the five months since I moved to Amsterdam, I’ve Read more

4 minute read

Does Riesling need a revolution?

Despite being the darling of the wine trade for what seems like decades, German Riesling still has an image problem in the UK. Why is it that we can’t get the abominations of Liebfraumilch, Blue Nun and Black Tower out Read more

Green and Blue's Kate Thal
5 minute read

Feeling (Green and) Blue

You don’t expect to end up on the dance floor with the proprietor at the end of a wine tasting, but that’s what happened at last Sunday’s wine and music matching event at Green and Blue. The concept seemed simple Read more